Hamburg – Part 2 Top


This is quite a large ship under development in the docks. It is an enormous ship, being lit at night makes it just all the more impressive.

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Those are two completely different shots. One is being shot at the docks of Hamburg again, displaying a bridge you take down to the port in order to board the ships – while the other has been shot in Bremen, during the night – almost at morning. It is a long exposure shot, in actual fight it was by far not as bright at the time. Still, the banks of fog looked tempting to me, so I had to set up the tripod and go for a shot – not without being disturbed a lot by my friends.


This is right in the center of Hamburg, at the Alster. It shows a nice view across the well lit city. It is by far not as busy during in the evenings of a weekday as you would expect. Nonetheless a brilliantly beautiful city view.

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At last two shots that are more passerby shots. I happened to find those rather interesting at the time, so they aren’t planned out at all but merely snapshots. Nonetheless, snapshots I enjoy looking at.

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