Work & skills

This section is mainly about my job as a programmer, hence I’m listing skills, a few sample websites and more.
Although I tried to create this list as detailed as possible, it is of course impossible to list all skills in detail, especially since they constantly change – so this is only to give you an impression of what I’m capable of. The 3 star system has been chosen for the purpose of being an estimation as well. While 3 stars means that I’ve pretty much mastered it, it means that I can work very effectively with it, but it may or may not mean that I have mastered a particular skill to perfection (the latter is probably more likely in most cases). On the contrary 1 star does not mean that I barely have any experience, mainly because I left out all those skills that I know I can’t use effectively. All skills listed made it into the list only because I have sufficient expertise in these fields to find it noteworthy and to earn money it – not to boast my ego through showing off with a large number of skills. That is why I left out all minor skills.

If there is no amount of years of experience stated, it mostly means that I haven’t done it on a daily basis for more than a couple of months, still did it regularly enough to get back into it within less than a months time. “3 years experience” does not necessarily mean within the past 3 years.

HTML/XHTML 3 stars 14 years
CSS 3 stars 10 years
JavaScript 3 stars 9 years
jQuery 3 stars 4 years
XML/XSLT/RSS 2 stars 3 years
AJAX 3 stars (see JavaScript/XML)
PHP 3 stars 11 years
MySQL 3 stars 10 years
SEO 2 stars 2 years (Search Engine Optimization)
ActionScript 2 2 stars 2 years
ActionScript 3 1 stars 1 year
Adobe Flash 2 stars 3 years
Adobe Photoshop 2 stars 4 years
C# .NET 2 stars -
Java 2 stars -
Bash Scripting 2 stars 2 years
C++ 2 stars 2 years, mainly gcc (additional knowledge of
Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and Borland C++ Builder)
Visual Basic 6 2 stars 4 years
VBScript 2 stars 1 year
Windows administration 3 stars 10+ years (2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7)
Linux administration 2 stars 4 years
Mac OS X administration 2 stars 3 years


Over the years I used computers on a daily basis, I tried out almost everything that’s possible, thus I used many different applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I have at least basic knowledge in photo editing, audio/video editing, webservers, network security, 3D modeling and rendering as well as many other areas. This broad basic knowledge enables me to lead teams even for complicated projects, as I have a good idea of scheduling all sorts of tasks.

Language skillsTop

I do like foreign languages and thanks to me using English on a daily basis (my wife doesn’t speak German) I can fluently write and speak close to a native speakers level.
Next to these languages I have been studying French for four years in school, but over the past years my skills have deteriorated quite significantly. Additionally I started studying Japanese and Mandarin (Chinese), but I am not on a level yet where I consider it usable.

German 3 stars 20+ years
English 2 stars 10+ years
Spanish 1 stars 3 years

Activities without computers / other skillsTop

Despite being an IT person, that is definitely not all I’m doing. I am a passionate drummer, both acoustic and electronic. At home I’m playing an electronic drumkit, but I’m not only playing it. Together with my father I spent some time and we have actually built a great deal of my electronic drums.

Photography is another activity I have become quite fond of throughout the years. About 12 years ago however, I purchased a new camera (Lumix FZ200), bought some books, flashes and other gear and started looking into photography seriously. Not only did I want to focus on what I already could do, but I wanted to become a good photographer in general. I have since photographed a number of different subjects and events, which had a huge impact on my learning curve. Portrait photography, weddings, band shootings, live gigs, landscape and nature photography and many more.

There is still more though: I used to be working for an event company for quite some time. That knowledge helped me during my school time, where I participated in organizing events for more than 500 people, as well as being the technician for those events. Hence I do have a solid knowledge of setting up stages, configuring PA equipment, mixing bands (both live and in a studio) and programming light effects.

All these activities have broadened my horizon and allowed me to grow as a person.

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