Home Cinema

My home cinema system has been put together over the course of more than a year.
I focused on building a high quality sound system for superb stereo playback in mind, but then gradually expanded it into a full 5.0 system (a subwoofer is not needed at all, the front speakers have a 12″ bass speaker each), got a large screen (with much resistance on my wife’s side) and put together an amazing home cinema system.

Projector Panasonic AT6000 (1080P, 3D, Lens-Shift, motorized zoom)
Projection size 115″ (16:9)
130″ (Cinemascope)
Blu-Ray Players Samsung BD-P1500
Sony PlayStation 3
Receiver Denon AVR 2311
Front speakers Infinity Kappa 8.2i
Center speaker Infinity Beta C360
Rear speakers Infinity Kappa 6.1i
Remote Logitech Harmony 600
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