My drums

My drumset is probably a bit unusual. It is an electronic drumset, which you don’t encounter all the time. Just like my PC it has evolved into its current form for a couple of years (since about 2006). I’m using this for rehearsals with my band, on gigs most of the time an acoustic drumset is provided already, so I don’t play this drumset during gigs very often.
Let’s get down to the specifications:

Drum module Roland TD-20
Hi-Hat Roland VH-12
Snare 12″ Dual-Trigger DIY Shell (with Positional Sensing)
Mounted toms 10″ Mono-Trigger DIY Shell
Floor tom 12″ Mono-Trigger DIY Shell
Bass Drum Modified 8″ E-Kick
Crash cymbals 2x Roland CY-8
Ride cymbal 1x Roland CY-8
China cymbal 1x Roland CY-8
Monitor 1″/12″ Speaker powered by an IMG STA-500 amplifier
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